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Sunday   11/10   4-7P

Sunday   11/17    4-7P

Sunday   11/24   4-7P
Please note you must attend all dates if invited, cuts will be made after each date


Z Room Mesa 1337 S. Gilbert Rd. Mesa, AZ

Let's get ready for Bomb Squad Auditions!


Recommended Physical Preparation:

Things to bring to the audition:

  • Dance shoes (tennis shoes not heels)...the floor in this space is not wood, so bring shoes with a slick enough bottom to protect your knees

  • Follows wear athletic wear (black top and black bottom) that will stay put when you are upside down

  • Leads wear athletic wear (white top and black bottom)

  • If you sweat a lot, you may wish to bring a second shirt and a towel

  • A large water bottle

  • A snack if needed

  • We will be very active and doing aerials...plan accordingly if you need an inhaler, special athletic glasses/contacts, etc.



Suggested conditioning prep includes:

  • Planks

  • Running and Cardio

  • Abdominal exercises

  • Jumping (burpees, box jumps etc.)

Aerials & Routines

Use the video lists below to help yourself prepare for joining the Bomb Squad. Remember to be safe, careful and know your own physical limitations. The Phoenix Swing Project is not responsible for any injury or issue with pre-training for auditions. Do so at your own risk.​ Always use spots for aerials, don't over train in conditioning, work together and have fun!


  • The California Routine

  • The Big Apple

  • Tranky Doo

  • Shim Sham


  • Bocker

  • Pankcake

  • Lindy Flip

  • Kick Ups

  • Frog Jump

  • Back to Back

  • Judo Flip

  • A Frame & Russian Kicks

  • Hip Roll / Big Finish

Aerials & Routines