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Our Story

The Phoenix Swing Project started as a group of friends who were inspired by teams and performers from around the world who were creating amazing art in the form of vintage jazz dancing!


2017-2018 Season

We banned together with the help of our scene leaders to create a partnered Lindyhop team (The Bomb Squad) to compete at Camp Hollywood (where we took first place our first year)!


2018-2019 Season

Our competition team numbers went up this year and we have added a lot of talented people with new ideas, different backgrounds, and unique skills. We also added a competition team for kids (the Phoenix Flyers) and a weekly meetup for collegiate shag/balboa practices (Shalbag). With our expanding community visibility we have even created a small squad who has started performing mini routines at various community events and gigs.


2020 and Beyond!

As we look ahead to the future, we are excited by what we might be able to give to the Phoenix community through vintage swing dancing! As one of the few uniquely American art forms, this dance is part of our heritage and we would love to see it enjoyed by all!


We see a world where valley schools have swing dance clubs available to students of all backgrounds to teach them transferable life skills such as discipline, confidence, presentation skills, partner communication, and teamwork.


We see a 501C3 that effectively connects visionaries and community leaders to the resources and people they need to bring projects to life.


We see a workspace and studio space dedicated to bringing in the highest level of instruction from around the world to swing competitors, Dj’s, performers and educators.


We see a team of people dedicated to researching and systematizing progressive curricula appropriate for effective learning for social dancers, performers, competitors, and swing dance educators.


We see lifestyle events where people can enjoy great live jazz or social dance the night away!


We have so many ideas for where we see the Phoenix vintage swing dance community in a few years!


Ultimately how far we get is up to you! We are an arts coop by the people and for the people! Tell us where you want to get involved!

We Need Your Support Today!

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