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Our Team

Non-Profit Leadership


Stephanie oversees running of the non-profit and keeps the leadership team happy.


Stephanie Berg

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Julie decides the creative direction of the non-profit & heads the Bomb Squad

Artistic Director

Julie Roman

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Nicholas oversees operations and creates systems so we work smoothly.


Nicholas Tapia

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Bomb Squad Leadership

Adult Competition Team 2019-2020

Head Coaches: Julie Roman & Stephanie Berg

Aerials Coaches: Ian Glendon & Julie Roman

Solo Jazz Coach: Rebecca Valdez

Skills Coaches: Karen Hopkins & Stephanie Berg

Choreographer: Bruce Goolsby

Choreography Assistant: Jacob Spinney & Karen Hopkins

Secretary/Treasurer: Carol Field

Team Videographer is: Brandi Kaye Stewart

The Firecrackers

Junior Competition Team 2019-2020

Head Coaches: Kate Ramsey

Coaches: Nicholas Tapia, Jacob Spinney & Julie Roman

Choreographer: Rebecca Valdez

Secretary/Treasurer: Carol Field

Previous Seasons


Phoenix Swing Project Performance Squad

(have us perform at your next event or gathering!)

Project Managers and Team Liaisons

Rebecca Valdez

Jacob Spinney

Bomb Squad (Competition Team) 2018-2019



Julie Roman-head Coach

Ian Glendon-aerials

Jacob Spinney-section leader

Rebecca Valdez-section leader

Nicholas Tapia-skills development

Henry Dotson-skills development


The Phoenix Flyers (Youth Team) 2018-2019


Kate Ramsey​

Nicholas Tapia

Jacob Spinney

Julie Roman


Training Team 20202


Stephanie Berg & Julie Roman

Choreographers & Consultants


Jonathan Lindsey – resident choreographer and skills consultant

Alya Susman-2018-2019 Bomb Squad choreography lead

Karen Hopkins – primary youth team choreographer and general skills coach

Dabney Hopkins – choreographer and skills coach

Rebecca Hobbs – stunts and formations

Rebecca Valdez-gig choreographer and team choreography consultant

Jacob Spinney-gig choreographer and team choreography consultant

Alex Madrid-founding member and aerials consultant


Learning Opportunities


Shalbag (collegiate shag and balboa mini tutorials/open practices)



Gary Emery-Balboa

Julie Roman-Collegiate Shag

Kate-Collegiate Shag

1½ cups


Phoenix Swing Project Gig Squad


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