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The Firecrackers

The Junior Squad



Our first day of practice will be November 9th, 2019 from 10AM-12PM. We will have a fall skill session first this year open to everyone! We will take on new kids throughout the year depending on availability. Everyone is welcome!


Practices are every Saturday from 10AM-12PM. Your child must be available at this time/day on a weekly basis.


We practice weekly at the Z Room in Mesa (Gilbert Rd & Southern). 


$100 initial fee

$50 a month in following months

Scholarships available for qualified students. Contact us for more details.


Head Director: Kate Ramsey

Assistant Coaches: Julie Roman, Nicholas Tapia, Jacob Spinney


If you know a young person between the ages of 9-17 who might be interested in an amazing fine arts experience fill out the form below and attend orientation day November 9th 10AM-12PM. Questions? you can also contact Julie Roman through Facebook or give her a call (480-359-9605).


Students will work in a positive, wholesome, and fun environment, and we will systematically present them with performance and vintage swing dance skills.


They will:

  • Have access to the top swing dancing coaching in Phoenix

  • Work with an award winning director in children’s fine arts

  • Have a chance to perform a team routine locally and out of state

  • Learn many transferable life skills like confidence, discipline, respect, leadership, and teamwork

  • Learn to appreciate and participate in the arts


We will be looking for team members who are hard-working, coachable, supportive of each other, and able to practice on their own.

Check out what the flyers did at Camp Hollywood this year!

Camp Hollywood 2019: Student Team - Phoenix Flyers

Camp Hollywood 2019: Student Team - Phoenix Flyers

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