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The Cause

We are an arts coop of volunteers dedicated to growing and enriching the swing dance experiences available to people in Phoenix through collaborations and team training.


Whether you want to dance, create, perform, DJ, organize, compete, preserve, innovate, educate, fund, or just enjoy vintage swing dancing, our goal is to help you find a safe space to do so!


We are driven by purpose, attracted to positivity, and committed to excellence!

“Being a part of the Phoenix Swing Project has been an incredible experience. Working with the Bomb Squad has helped me grow more than I could’ve ever expected in skills and strength training, and this team has become family. I’ve gained a confidence I didn’t know was possible...”​


—  Jordan

~When they swing that music

Oh I'm as happy as can be

When they swing that music for me~ 

Swing That Music -Louis Armstrong

We Need Your Support Today!

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