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The Bomb Squad


Auditions are held each year

in September and October.


Practice Times

Sundays, 5 to 8pm at EOS Fitness in Mesa



$40 per month + a gym membership

Scholarships available, contact for details.


Julie Roman


Member Requirements:

All participants should be in good health. Our competition team includes frequent workouts and athletic choreography. If you have ongoing injuries or health concerns, this team and practice may not be a great fit for you.

The Bomb Squad is our adult competition team. To audition, you should be 18 or older (exceptions may be made for exceptional young dancers) and have a working knowledge of partner dancing.


Primary Objective:

To create a safe and challenging training environment for intermediate to advanced swing dancers in Phoenix to work out and collaborate. We will achieve this guided practice and systematic instruction.


Secondary Objective:

To create a team/pool of local dancers who are in peak physical condition and are proficient in aerials, solo jazz, and team choreography.


End Goal:

To choose a group of starters from the team to represent Phoenix in the team showcase division at Camp Hollywood in 2020.


We are looking for team members who are:

  • Able/willing to receive and implement constructive criticism

  • Able/willing to adapt their personal style/esthetic to match the team style/esthetic

  • Able to be patient and productive when the team does not progress at their desired speed

  • Able to work on their own and get the help they need when they are not able to keep up with the team during practice

  • Able to honor their commitments

  • Able to show up on time and ready to work

  • Positive and proactive attitudes

  • Able to put aside their personal agendas to support their teammates

We are looking to find new members who will fit in well with our current team. We will always choose someone with the right attitude over someone with a more developed skill set, because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


The Bomb Squad is a dance family. We believe in investing in people who chose to create a positive environment and are willing to put in the work.

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