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Our Supporters

We are thankful to organizations, individuals, and businesses who have been supportive of our journey!


EOS is our Bomb Squad home gym! Not only do they give us great rates to help us stay in shape, they have provided studio space for our rehearsals!


Savage Rhythm

Jonathan Lindsey and Savage Rhythm have been beyond amazing! Jonathan and Kate donated their instructional time and the team choreography for the 2017-2018 season! We are forever grateful for the support that the Savage Rhythm brand continues to give to the Phoenix Swing Project!


Kats Korner

Dabney and Karen are Camp Hollywood Hall-of-Famers who do great things for the Phoenix swing dancing community! Karen is our choreographer for the junior team this year and they both continue to give of their time, energy, and expertise to help grow the various Phoenix Swing Project endeavors.


Stephanie Berg and Nicholas Tapia

We are thrilled to have Nicholas and Stephanie join the Phoenix Swing Project! As business consultants, professional dancers, and seasoned educators, they are doing amazing things to shape the systems and structures that will set this project up for success!

Z Room

We love to use the Z Room for our practice needs in Mesa! They have a fabulous floor, reasonable rates and super loud music!

We Need Your Support Today!

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